Over the past week or so, we’ve had a nuclear explosion, an abused child, and the Hindenberg as very fitting symbols for the Wolves losses.  Since last night’s debacle was against the Houston Rockets, this morning, we’re going with…

…the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion. 

If this season does nothing else for Wolves fans, it will give them an in-depth education on the great tragedies in history, as your TWolves Blog staff grasps for 70+ analogies to use during game recaps.  Unfortunately, there’s all too many to choose from.  Just to give a preview, some upcoming games will likely feature events such as The Titanic, The Boston Massacre, The Oklahoma City Bombing, and Troy Hudson’s rap album.

Here’s some fun quotes from last night’s 26 point blowout.  (Will the Wolves ever lose by single digits again?  That’s all I’m asking for, really.)

“We were mentally prepared for the game but we couldn’t throw a pea into the ocean. Our confidence got sucked out of us and we just couldn’t make a shot. Our defense was compromised and it was a tough loss.” – Kurt Rambis

Really, Kurt?  You’re telling me that a mentally prepared team lost by 26 points?  Maybe if we were trotting out the local JV team to play the Houston Rockets, they could be mentally prepared and lose 26 points.  A mentally prepared NBA team shouldn’t lose by that much.  So either the Wolves have the talent level of a JV squad, or they weren’t mentally prepared. 

“This was a team we probably could have beaten. Houston was ready and set the tone early with Yao inside. Scola and the rest of their team got to the free throw line a lot. When they shoot the ball so well, it makes it tough for us.” – Kevin Love

Yes, Kevin, Houston was a team you probably could have beaten, IF YOU SCORED 27 MORE POINTS!!!!!

I don’t want to be so negative, but it’s time to cut the crap and the canned responses, and have somebody finally own up to this.  There’s no reason that this team should be losing games this badly.  Something’s broken and using excuses like “we were mentally prepared, but…” and “we should have won if…” just doesn’t cut it. 

Here’s the game thread for the forum if you feel like reliving the nightmare….

Derek Hanson

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