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In case you missed it, and I wouldn’t blame you one bit, the Wolves PR machine has been on quite a roll lately.  Yesterday, they took out a full-page ad in the Star Tribune, to tell the world what we already know.  Namely, the ad basically stated the Wolves stink and we won’t be contending for a title this season. (Yay?)  But we have “potential” and blah blah blah and just trust us because things will work out.

First off, who reads newspapers these days?  Or maybe the organization was banking on that fact…

Here’s a My Fox 9.com reaction:

The Minnesota Timberwolves published a full-page ad in the back of Monday’s Star Tribune, touting the athleticism and potential of newcomers while dishing out some brutal honesty – the team likely won’t be contenders again in 2010-11.

The ad is a “long-winded” letter to fans, pledging transparency throughout the season with regard to team strategy and operations – a bit of a State of the Timberwolves address.

I’ve taken the liberty to repost the letter here in the TWB Forums.  You can see it in it’s entirety HERE.

And then today, not to be outdone by the man writing the checks, Wolves President of Basketball Operations David Kahn wrote an EVEN LONGER-winded letter to any remaining Wolves fans out there.  This is far too long to repost on the front page. so you can also find it in the TWB Forums HERE.


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