Love Gets Record-Setting 52nd Double-Double

TWB would like to congratulate Kevin Love on breaking the post-merger record for consecutive double-doubles.  With his 16 point, 21 rebound performance against Indiana, Love stepped past Moses Malone and now stands alone in the history books.  (Well unless you count Wilt Chamberlain’s 200+ streak pre-merger.  But seriously, pre-merger = lame.)  I know Love has taken some heat on this site, some fair, some not, but regardless of what you think of the guy, there’s no denying that he stands at the epicenter of anything that could be considered remotely uplifting during yet another brutal loss-filled season.  He made headlines earlier in the year with his 31-31 in November.  Then he became the first Wolves player in the post-Garnett era to represent the team in the All-Star Game.  Now his 52-game double-double streak has once again given Wolves fans something to smile about, and something to continue to look forward to as he extends the streak even further.   Hey, when you’re 16-50 and your last playoff run was seven years ago, it’s all about the little things.  Here’s a howl-out to Kevin Love for giving us a reason to keep watching!

Some randomness…

What’s with Timberwolves named Kevin and breaking Moses Malone’s historic distinctions?   Kevin Garnett was the first player to come to the NBA directly from high school since Moses Malone.   Kevin Love was the first player to record 51 straight double-doubles since Moses Malone.  Do you think that if we got Moses Malone to come to Target Center and sacrifice a live chicken at center court, we could finally remove the bad ju-ju from this franchise?

52 double-doubles…  Twin Cities…   Is it just me or is Kevin Love’s streak the perfect storm for a Wrigley’s Double-Mint Gum campaign?  Kevin, I sincerely hope you’ll give me a small cut of the profits when you shoot the commercial. 

Derek Hanson

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