Minnesota Timberwolves 2010-2011 NBA Schedule

T-Wolves 2010-2011 NBA Schedule

The first month is certainly a doozy:

Wednesday October 27th vs Sacramento – Evans to Cousins FTW.
vs Milwaukee Bucks – We might have a chance?
at Memphis – They can lose any game.  Inconsistent.
at Miami – Gigantic 40 point loss.  Bonk has a huge bet on this.  If the T-Wolves somehow win this game by 10 points or more, he’s out $1,000.  Luckily for him it’s on November second instead of May second, so there’s no chance we win.
at Orlando – LOSE
vs Atlanta – Let’s not kid ourselves.  Lose.
at Houston
at LALakers
at Sacramento – Three road losses there.
vs NYKnicks – Might have a chance!
at Atlanta
at Charlotte – Two more road losses
vs LAClippers – They will be very improved.  And Blake Griffin!  Watch out.
vs LALakers – Hmmmm.
at Oklahoma City – They will be a top contender in the West this season.
vs San Antonio – They are never too old to beat us.  Splitter vs Pekovic and Darko = fun times.
Saturday November 27th vs Golden State – Yay, an entirely winnable game.

Well… 8 home games and 9 away.  Not terrible, although 8 of our first 12 are road games.  I predict we start off 4-13, at best.  The Wolves will be hurt by a lack of continuity and familiarity with each other going into the season.  And unfortunately for us, the Wolves need to start this season off right and win games in the beginning, instead of against bad teams tanking at the end of the year.  Those kind of wins do nothing for me, nor do they inspire me for the future.


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