More Hurt: Ridnour Out at Least a Week

Per Jerry Z. Could it be time to bring back DeJuan Wheat? Perhaps he can provide some veteran leadership.

Wolves guard Luke Ridnour will sit out from practices and games for the next week and then will have his strained left hamstring re-evaluated.

And…Michael Beasley had ice packed on that left hip and he was grimacing in pain as he walked off the court after shootaround but expect him to play.

Ridnour was examined by a doctor in L.A. on Monday and his injury was determined to be a strain, not a torn hamstring.

That one-week timetable doesn’t mean he’ll be ready to play in a week. It just means he’ll be examined again.

UPDATE: Curtis Jerrrels to work out for the Wolves.

 If 4 months ago some drunk bum on the corner of 1st and 7th slurred at you “Maurice Ager is going to be our backup point guard in mid-November,” what would you have done?

Curious how Bassy will do in the starting unit, and if Flynn will be back before Luke. Burning questions.

I guess that means more imminent Rhombus soundbites/excuses to explain the start! I guess we just need time to gel! More like be absorbed, like gel, into the defender from the 67th contested jumpshot of the quarter. But when career 8.5ppg scorer Martell Webster comes back…. 15 game winning streak. I mean, he had a behind the back dribble And-1 layup in the pre-season. Against the Lakers. We’re in. Never mind the system. Good work Rhombus.


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