Rubio to Wolves if CBA worked out


Ken Berger reporting that Ricky Rubio has told Kahn that he’ll cross the pond if there isn’t a lockout. How’s the Farmers Almanac prediction for 2012? This is good news. It is hard to expect Ricky to get out of a contract in Europe NOT to play basketball in the USA.


In other news at least one top prospect will be in the draft. Kyrie Irving has officially declared and will hire an agent. At this point it sounds like he is the #1 pick for any team without a stud player at PG. Given the absence of Shooting Guards in this draft you have to imagine Irving is at the top of the Wolves chart among the players currently declared. 


From the same Ken Berger article:

…Rambis appears to have developed the talent he’s been given well enough to warrant coming back. 

Agree to disagree Mr. Berger.  

I recommend the Steve Kerr podcast on the B.S. Report. In a discussion about Mike D’Antoni not being a good fit with a great half court player like Carmelo he comments that a coach needs to be a good fit for the players he has. I felt this was a solid piece of insight. It is generally assumed that good coach should be good with any team and adapt appropriately. Maybe we need to think about fit and coaches a little more. It isn’t clear to me that Rambis style is working with young guys that need this much guidance. Maybe it would with a team like the Mavs.  

Wolves v. Suns

Steve Nash, Vince Carter, and Vince’s horrible, horrible beard beat the Wolves tonight. Seemed like each time the Wolves got into a position to tie it or take a lead they’d give up back to back to back dunks. The Wolves didn’t have tons of TO’s but they made the most of the ones they had. Beas and AR eased their way to 20 points while Wes laid brick after brick. 

Darko Selling Championship paraphernalia for Charity

The cause is The Zorana and Darko Milicic Fund for Children with Life Threatening Diseases and the prize is the 2004 Championship Ring, Belt and a host of other things surrounding the NBA Finals. It is going off Raffle Ticket style. Prize wise, it doesn’t get much better than this one.  $10 can get you in the mix for it too. Not bad Darko, not bad.  

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