T-Wolves Acquiring Elite Player?


This was posted by Paul Allen at KFAN Rubechat:

not ground-breaking but it will be favors or johnson if we keep the four. zilcho chance the select cousins. those opinions are 100 percent accurate. And count on wall one and turner two and there will be no change.

here’s the bit … i was sworn to secrecy by a very reliable source but there’s going to be a story by a credible NBA writer for a major newspaper and supposedly very soon that will send your head spinning. if it plays out the way it was explained to me your wolves and one of the game’s best will be tied together. if it doesn’t hit the web within five days i will share said rumor, but until it goes public i cannot. hope you understand.

if and or when this story/rumor emerges my over-under for views of said thread on this page is 4,000. and that might be light.
off to the track.

– PA has ruled out Lebron, DWade, CP3, Bosh, Danny Granger, and Josh Smith and said it’s not related to Joe Johnson or Rudy Gay.I’ve been a bit depressed by all this Wes Johnson at #4 talk and the decreasing likelihood that we trade for Evan Turner, but this rumor has lifted my spirits. Who could he be talking about? A lot of people seem to be guessing either Amare or Carmelo Anthony. What could we possibly offer the Nuggets for Melo? Feel free to speculate in the comments section.

Also, this discussion is raging in the TWB Forums, which can be found HERE.

***UPDATE 6/18/10: New Rubechat Post from Paul Allen***

i blew it. i took something from a new source and got everybody wound up and have been asked not to talk any further about it. i feel awful. there will be a day i may share the info and the story may still come out this weekend, then you’ll understand where i was going, but now is not the time.
encapsulated, i blew it, i am an idiot, i got everybody all riled up, wasted your time and feel terrible about it. i truly am very sorry and know i have lost rumor cred and am letting all of you down.
again i am very sorry.

-Nice work PA.  #Fail, epically.

In workout news, the players participating tomorrow at the Target Center are: Oklahoma State guard James Anderson, Xavier guard Jordan Crawford, Cincinnati guard Lance Stephenson, Mississippi guard Terrico White, Syracuse guard Andy Rautins, USC guard/forward Marcus Johnson, BC Red Star Belgrade guard/forward Nemanja Bjelica, and Minnesota players Lawrence Westbrook and Damian Johnson. Xavier Henry will not be working out.

It’ll be interesting to see who impresses and disappoints in this group. I’d love for the Wolves to get either James Anderson or Jordan Crawford.

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