The Lynx May Be Good

I normally wouldn't dream of paying attention to the Lynx but a number of external factors have come into play.

1.  NBA – Dead right now

2. Twins – Not much better

3. Vikings – Destroying lives, business as usual

4. No Olympics/World Cup or other remotely interesting sport that happens on an interval. 

Then you add a very very odd phenomenon of the Lynx some how ending up with the all time best college basketball player on their team.  I'm as confused as you are.  It'd be great if some folks would join me in following this team (atleast passively, boxscore style) because here are the facts as I know them

1. This team traded a very good pick for Lindsey Whalen. 

2. Simone Augustus is good but always hurt, this year she finally isn't

3. Maya Moore is apparently very very good.

4. Candice Wiggins is our Jason Terry off the bench. It isn't clear to me if she has the 2011 WNBA championship trophy tatooed on her bicep but I wouldn't be surprised, plus she is the hottest player in the WNBA. Between Ricky and Candice the MN basketball teams need a section in the next SI Swimsuit issue. 

5. The team is 15-4 on a 8 game winning streak and they just managed to win a game that involved Maya Moore missing very shot she took 

If you know more please enlighten me. 

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