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Wolves Lose to Charlotte Bobcats 108-105 Boxscore


Now that was draining loss.  Not just how it went down but coupled with the growing stack of similar games this 4th quarter collapse theme would be tired… if it weren't so true.  

Flynn played all of the 4th quarter and little to none of OT.  It is hard to remember ever seeing a situation like that.  I felt like he was moving faster in this game than we've seen him recently.  Was this a trade showcase?  My guess is we shall soon see.  

You can't put this loss on the officials but the preposterous offensive foul that negated an AND 1 which turned into a 3 the other way to Augustin in OT was devastating.   Love and Beasley kept this ship from sinking even after that.  Had one other player besides them done anything put turn the ball over in the last 2 minutes of regulation and Over Time the Wolves would have won that game.  

It'd be great if could find a way to get Love outside shots at the end of games.  As good as Beasley is in those situations he had way too many possessions of him going it alone at the end of the game.   Wes should have been subbed for Martell in OT because he clearly wasn't prepared to shoot.  


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College Wolf here.  Didn't think it would make sense to post another article directly after Pants has done so, but my initial reaction is basically of disbelief at this loss tonight.

Getting down by 16 points to an absolutely DEPLETED Bobcats team, which isn't even very good to start with = Pathetic

Blowing another 8 point lead to said team above, with three minutes remaining in the game = Inexcusable

Coaching/Decision Making = Disasters


We seriously just lost at home to a team without their two best players by far, and other guys who play decent roles. What a joke. Can you imagine the Wolves without Love, Beasley, and Darko? We'd lose every game by 50 points. That was the Bobcats tonight, and they beat us. At home. What a joke.  I really don't think I'm overreacting here either. There's just no way you can possibly lose a game like this with the Bobcats missing the players they have injured.

Seriously, we just lost to a team with Derrick and Kwame Brown, Gerald Henderson, Eduardo Najera, Matt Carroll, Dominic McGuire, and Shaun Livingston playing significant minutes. Their best guys were Boris Diaw, DJ Augustine, and Tyrus Thomas off the bench. What. The. Hell.

Does Coach Darrell Rhombus know what he's doing? I am asking this in all seriousness. It appears that he's in completely over his head.

Jonny Flynn sucks SO BAD. It blows my mind that ANY teams would be rumored to want to trade for him. If teams truly do want him, how is he not traded yesterday? Because he has a great smile? He played the entire fourth quarter (WHY). Hopefully it means he's on the trade block and will be gone soon. Although, any scouts watching him play tonight will probably (and rightfully) no longer want him. We could have gotten the 10th overall pick last year from the Pacers for Flynn, right? Too bad we didn't do that trade. No way we get something that nice for him now.

Ridnour isn't much better. Our PG's are brutal. Bring on Rubio please. For the rest of this season, dump those two clowns and Free Telfair.

What else? I dunno. Love and Beasley had great lines I suppose. Whatever though, not like it mattered.  Our guys can show flashes at time, but Love and Beasley have no consistent help.  It pains me that Darko has not played well of late.  Webster and Wes J. have nice moments, but its not translating into wins.  Anthony Tolliver (mainly his hustle and defense) should do wonders for this team.  But will the return of AT be enough?  I doubt it.

Our bench was outscored 57 to 21.  Puke.

This is one of the most disappointing losses of an already tragically disappoint season. Again, I don't think I'm overreacting.

We had 16 turnovers, 20 fouls, and only shot 44.7%. Still, the Bobcats had 12 turnovers, 22 fouls, and only shot 43.9% We attempted 30 free throws to their 24.

A sad, sad loss.


If you can muster up the courage, check back Friday night for the Wolves-Blazers game at Target Center.

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