Tonight: Live Blog Diary vs. Mavericks, 7:30PM CST

We are trying out something new tonight in an effort to improve our in-game coverage and make TWB more of a destination place for readers/posters during games So, tonight I will be doing a live blog/diary type of thing during tonight’s game against Dallas at 7:30PM CST, which will be televised on FSN. I heard some feedback recently that people like bullet points, and little random organized thoughts/lists on games, etc so we are going to use that feedback and deliver it live. I’ll plan on putting a post up around 6:45-7:00 CST and will update every few minutes with thoughts on the game/life etc. Weigh in if you so desire in the comments section and our forum as we take in a potential blowout loss in support group fashion. I’ll promise nothing but repeated spelling errors due to editing time constraints (I’m a 2 finger typer, shoot me).

If this is something that people end up enjoying, we will do this a bit more often in an effort to improve our game day coverage.

Look forward to hearing from you tonight and let’s pray we sneak out with a ‘W.’