TWB Ultimate Dream Trade Challenge

One of the favorite past times of any basketball junkie who roots for a bad team, is scheming up deals to trade his garbage for other team’s treasure.  Over the past several years, seeing this done on our TWB Forums has been pretty depressing.  (Do you think we could swing Sebastian Telfair for Rudy Fernandez? Really???) Anyway, with Senor Rubio on his way, K. Love in the fold, and the #2 pick on the horizon, things have gotten much brighter for the T-Wolves.  (At least until Kahn drafts four centers this June.)  With that in mind, forum regular, Roundhouse, has come up with The Ultimate Dream Trade Challenge.  I won’t go into the nitty-gritty here on the front page, but basically we’re pitting dream trade scenarios against each other and then letting the people vote on which deal they’d rather see the Wolves make. 

It’s pretty cool, extremely sports-nerdy, and actually quite a bit of fun.  Check it out here in the forums!

Derek Hanson

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