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Wes Johnson participated in an individual workout this afternoon at the Target Center and all indications are that the Wolves are very impressed. ESPN “insider” Chad Ford even went as far as posting this tweet:
chadfordinsider: Wes Johnson was in Minn Monday. Heard he wowed everyone … not only with his basketball skills, but he’s a really great kid. A lock at 4.
Don’t fret, all is not lost. Chad Ford does work for the TMZ of sports coverage and he’s usually wrong about mostly everything. I don’t even think Wes Johnson was here on Monday was he? It would make sense that he flew in on Tuesday, thus the late starting time of his workout. EDIT: He flew in Monday afternoon for meetings with the staff.
Whatever, this doesn’t mean anything anyways.
Another factor that certainly can’t hurt his chances? Johnson actually wants to play in Minnesota.

Johnson worked out for the Wolves on Tuesday night and said he would love to be drafted by a team that won just 15 games last season and plays in a city that spends about four months of the year buried under snow and ice. Johnson transferred to Syracuse from Iowa State and grew to be close friends with Jonny Flynn, the Orange point guard who was drafted by the Wolves sixth overall last year.

“I would love to come here,” the 23-year-old Johnson said. “I really would. Especially with Jonny here. I’ve met a lot of the people, the coaching staff, and they’re wonderful people. I think I would be a good fit here.”

How can you go wrong with drafting a player out of Syracuse 2 years in a row because they seem like good guys and want to play here? Umm yea…excuse me while I get to the liquor store before it closes. I’m still holding on to the opinion that all of this is somehow a part of Kahn’s devious master plan, but I’m losing faith quickly. Frown
In other workout news, Florida St. center Solomon Alabi, Tulsa center Jerome Jordan, Minnesota forward Damian Johnson (STUD), Duke center Brian Zoubek, and CSKA Moscow power forward/center Artem Zabelin will be working out tomorrow for the Wolves. Kentucky center Daniel Orton was also scheduled to work out but has cancelled, most likely because he sucks and/or is scared of Damian Johnson.
Derrick Favors will be doing an individual workout for the Wolves on Thursday.
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