What a Freakin Tool

It’s fun to be a Wolves fan right now, what with Beasley scoring like crazy and Kevin Love putting up huge stats. But some people just want to rain on a parade. People like Bhemis Parks over at Bleacher Report. College Wolf tossed me a link to his most recent article, entitled “Should Timberwolves’ Kevin Love Have An Asterisk On His 31-Rebound Night?”. CW asked that someone on staff rip this guy to shreds. After reading the putrid puddle of bile, I volunteered.

Parks made some valid points. Talked about the Knicks’ small lineup. And mentioned Amar’e Stoudemire’s foul trouble. I’ll agree those things contributed to Love’s bloated totals, but until Parks measures every player according to the same strict standards, I’ll continue to call B.S. on the premise. Where was Parks when Randy Johnson threw a perfect game against the Arizona Diamonbacks’ Triple-A roster a few years back? Great players break major records when opportunity knocks. And on Friday, it banged on the door. Love simply answered.

Here’s where I’ll stop. Mostly because I’d rather not give him any more publicity. Also, because he’s just a dude trying to get reactions. He riled people up for the sake of riling people up. I wanted to punch him in the face like 15 or 20 times while reading. Just awful writing, awful thought process and awful conclusions. So instead of flaming the guy’s work line-by-line, I’ll ask you to consider the source. I’ll have you know Deadspin ripped Bleacher Report for excessive stupidity!

Plus, I severely doubt the guy would change what he’s doing based on anything I pen. He’s a troll with forum, and that’s a dangerous thing.

First Post at TwolvesBlog=vanquished. See ya’ll around.

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