Win in London: Wolves 111 – Lakers 92

AFP PHOTO / IAN KINGTON (Photo credit should read IAN KINGTON/AFP/Getty Images) (AFP/Getty Images)

The Wolves won their first pre-season game, beating the Lakers in London 111 – 92.  Overall we looked pretty good, and the team is clearly much more energetic, athletic, interesting, and less sucktastic than seasons past.  There’s potential for a solid season here folks.  At least, something much more than the cesspool we’ve been wading through the last 3 years.  I know, I know… it’s pre-season and Kobe only played 6 minutes.  Still, baby steps.

Rather than regurgitate everything that’s already been posted about this game, I’m just going to link to the game thread in the TWolves Blog Forums, where there is a huge wealth of analysis, discussion, and game recappage going on.  The discussion can be found HERE.

Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune’s game news and notes can be found HERE.


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