Wittman on WCCO Radio

Coach Randy Wittman was on WCCO Radio last night discussing the team. 
On the preseason:
The team plans to practice the morning of September 29 before leaving for Istanbul. In Turkey, they’ll have 12 practices in about 8 days of training camp and will then face a Turkish team. They’ll return to the U.S. on Oct 11, the day after the exhibition game against the Celtics in London. 
On potential moves:
With 16 guaranteed contracts, Wittman said the team was still in a position to do different things to clear up the roster.  
On Chris Richard:
The team likes Chris Richard and he’s a good young kid with a pedigree of a champion. The coach said that as far as he knows, Richard will be with the team this season. The second-round pick will in Turkey for training camp.
On Garnett:
KG called Wittman to wish him good luck a couple days ago when he was leaving Minnesota to head to Boston for the season.
On Juwan Howard:
A class guy. If a situation that makes sense arises, they’ll trade him. For now he’s on the team and will also be in Turkey for training camp.