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As you know, the TWolfies fall to 5 wins and 16 losses, after losing 114-121 last night at the Madison Square Gahhhhden.  Tough loss, blah blah blah.  The biggest loss was Darko leaving in the first quarter with a quad injury.  But that’s neither here nor there, because we still can’t play any defense.  I will say, injuries are decimating our team so far this season.  It’s been brutal.


If you missed it, Anthony Tolliver is out 6 to 8 weeks with a MCL sprain.

According to Jerry Zgoda, Martell Webster could play as soon as this Wednesday at Target Center, vs OKC Thunder.

The TWolves unveil their alternate black uniforms this Friday at home vs Detroit, but of course the game isn’t on TV.  Yet another epic TV fail this season.  That’s already 4 epic fail TV misses by my count.  And the season is only 25% completed!  Good grief.  And good luck getting new fans when we keep missing games that people might actually want to watch.

Again from Zgoda, Flynn is heading back to the D-League for back-to-back games this weekend in Sioux Falls.

My Post Game Q&A Analysis with LIVES over at Knicks Fanatics.  Check it!

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College Wolf: What did you learn about the TWolves? Anything new?

LIVES: The Twolves are going to be a very good team once they get better and bigger point guards.  Luke Ridnour and Sebastian Telfair work very hard.   They did an excellent job of controlling the pace for much of the game, but they are not at their best handling pressure and they seem to wear down, tire, a bit too quickly.  They make too many mistakes.

It also seems that Beasley is receiving mixed signals.  When he plays within the offense, with its rapid ball movement, he does extremely well, but late in the game he is asked to take over the offense from the top of the key and go one-on-five to the hole.  That’s far too much work to do at the end of a game especially when the defense collapses in the middle.  That one is on Rambis, I think.

Also on Rambis is leaving Ellington in there too long.  He is talented but really plays like a rookie.  He does not play within himself and makes bad decisions at critical points.  Rambis should have gone to Brewer a bit earlier. 

I like the Wolves and I have always liked Kahn’s foresight.  I am sure it is maddening to a Twolves fan, but it is a process and your guys are making progress.

CW: What was the most critical aspect of this game from a Knicks fan’s perspective?

LIVES: We won.  We’re going to need these wins when the storm clouds, in the form of the NBA elite, start rolling in.  Soon constant hustle and part-time defense will not be enough.  However, I like what I saw on a number of fronts.  Amar’e is a studly-beast.  I love it.  But Knicks fans know it is a long season and our main guy needs some more help.  I liked that Shawne Williams was able to make some good decisions with the ball besides setting up on the short side of the arc and popping tres.  He can shoot on the move.  That is promising.  Gallinari had one of his better games, but I wonder if anyone seems to notice that this kid’s game is as a “scorer” not a “shooter.”  For maximum effect, he needs the ball in his hands and the opportunity to get to the basket.  He grew up as a playmaker not a fifth wheel.  I think he will do so much better with another coach.  He hit that great deep tre to preserve our lead and D’Antoni almost wet in his pants when the shot went up and not Amar’e in the paint.  D’Antoni has lost confidence in the kid but has not put him in the best position to be his best.


CW: You see the playoffs looming on the horizon, or is it back to the lottery and/or praying for Melo/CP3 to create the next Three Homigo’s team?

LIVES: We’re stuck in the middle with a chance for the 7th through 8th spot.  Somebody is going to get better before the season is over — perhaps Indiana, Toronto, Charlotte, Milwaukee or Washington, when they trade Gilbert Arenas.  Right now we are better than all of those teams, but strength of schedule and trades may reshuffle the middle of the deck a bit.


CW: Any parting words/thoughts about either of our teams?

LIVES: The Twolves are a season or a half-season away from respectability.  You’re right that the team’s defense is lacking, but one can see the effort is there.  Your guys will gain experience and continue to learn the system.   Your only problem is that while the team may change, the conference they’re in will be the same.  Still, I see a better future for this team.  Good luck to you too.  


Best of luck the rest of the season, as always homie.

College Wolf

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