Is Darko Here To Stay?

Rambis Behind the Darko Acquisition, Envisions Al-Darko Frontcourt
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This is very encouraging news. Sounds like Darko wants to be here and Rambis envisions a Big Alcoholic-Darko frontcourt. The way he has yanked Love’s minutes around seem to support this theory. I wouldn’t be opposed to trading Love this offseason if the right trade comes along, especially with Al showing flashes of pre-injury Al lately.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are making plans to offer enigmatic center Darko Milicic a new multi-year contract this summer when he becomes a free agent, believing they can tap the potential that others saw but never could convert consistently.

“He has provided us with something we sorely needed. He has the height and size and mobility,” Wolves coach Kurt Rambis told FanHouse Friday. “He can play well at both ends of the floor. He gives us what we need at center. We’ve shown him that he could fit in well here.”

Rambis is the one who pushed the front-office to take Milicic from New York, even though the Knicks had soured on him. Rambis made it clear he wants him back next season. And a Timberwolves source confirmed their plans to try and re-sign him this summer.

His tone about leaving for Europe has changed dramatically since coming to Minnesota, and he said Friday that returning to the Wolves next season was looking more likely.

“This is a good thing for me here right now. I think me and Al (Jefferson) can work well together next season,” he told FanHouse Friday. “I’ve always just wanted the chance to play, and play the right way. It looks like I can get that here. They trust me. If they are going to play me this much, and have any kind of goals to be a winning team, then I would like to come back.”

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