Wolves @ OKC 3/25/11

Only one day after the Wolves took the Mav’s to the wire, we are back at it again against another elite team in OKC. Good times.

1. How about Anthony Randolph last night? What a performance. Now let’s not get too out of whack here, but a very small part of me saw the team Kahnbis perhaps originally envisioned, and why they felt Love didn’t fit in it. Of course, it is only a single game and what not, and teams sometimes play better with their stars out of the lineup, but it was still interesting. His post moves were magical. To deny his NBA ability would be a crime…. and this certainly isn’t the only big game AR has had in his career. Let’s see how he deals with Serge Ibaka tonight.

2. Last night following the Mavs game Michael Beasley retweeted an interesting message about his coach. His Twitter account has since been deleted. I don’t blame Mike one bit. One of Rambis’ myriad of epic fails is putting players in uncomfortable positions despite their strenghts, perhaps one of the biggest potential flops of a leader. It could be that Mike not having the freedom he needs is a reason for his decline of late. Maybe it’s the losing. Either way, he needs to step it up in OKC tonight.

3. it was rumored during the all-star break that the OKC crew recuited Love to join the squad. This is a reasonable concern. Hypothetically, if it came to that, what would you accept in sign and trade as an ideal package?



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