Wolves Reportedly Buyout Curry

Sources close to situation tell @, Eddy Curry is headed to Chicago to train with Tim Grover, Wolves agreed to buyout deal…

Well, I can understand the difficulty with trading the deal, but this is disappointing. Especially since the trade deadline is tomorrow. Kahn already gives up. Meanwhile the Nets acquired Deron Williams for cents on the dollar.

There goes your latest “window of opportunity.”

Quick thought – with few exceptions, teams that over value draft picks and mediocre young players tend to stay rather mediocre in this league. Many out there say the Knicks gave up too much for ‘Melo, especially relative to the Nets in the Deron trade. They gave up nothing. Fans overrate their role-players and become attached, thinking they are more than they are.  Role-player production is cheap and easily replaceable. Look at the Spurs for a shining example of this. The Knicks are a top 2 team in the east once the Celtics run out of fuel. The Nets aren’t far behind if they play their cards right. The Celtics did it. the Heat did it. You do not always have to fall back on the draft in order to build your team. Anyone who says the Wolves’ only opportunity for ugrading talent was Randolph/Curry is lying to themselves. Kahn’s job is to generate opportunities based on the king’s ransom worth of assets he has and isn’t using.

I sincerely hope the Wolves trade their 1st round pick this year in a package deal  with some combination of Rubio/Beasley/Flynn/Johnson/other picks heading out. Enough pre-teens running around. This is a stellar package, to get a stellar player. Stop defending or standing by a 13 win roster, Kahn. Otherwise Love is next on this list, and he should be the only one you aren’t shopping.


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