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Flynn Rumors

ESPN has been flashing rumors about Jonny Flynn being moved most of the day today.  Given that it hit the rumor mill was churning before a deal happened I'm guessing nothing is coming of it.  First it was Raja, then it was Jared Jefferies or Aaron Brooks. If you haven't checked out Brooks' numbers do so, they are horrible. We don't need Mike James back.  This has been a disaster of a year for Flynn  but none of those players do anything for me.

I'd hoped when I heard Houston involved that Terrence Williams might be up for consideration. 

CONSPIRACY THEORY:  This latest round of time off was agreed to by Kahn and Flynn as way to hold his value a little before a trade.  It is better to be injured than bad after all.  

Big Al in Utah

Al Jefferson is coincidentally having his best month since his knee injury (23/9) at the same time the Utah Jazz Organization is having his Worst month in decades. Kahn successfully delivered his Poison Pill to the Jazz and they gave us a couple of picks for it.  Not bad David, not bad.  

Super Cool Beas

The hair speaks for itself (too bad the hair can't block-out on missed FT's in the last 15 seconds).  

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