Wolves Quick Hits, 6/10


Sixers Keeping Pick?

A ditty from yesterday afternoon seems to suggest Philly may keep the #2 pick.

The Sixers have never said so publicly, but – by all accounts – they are poised to use the No. 2 pick to select Evan Turner, of Ohio State.

“We’re listening to anybody who calls, but we have not shopped the No. 2 pick whatsoever,” Stefanski said. “We don’t shut our phones off, but it would take a blockbuster for us to consider moving the pick.”

Fantastic Off-Topic Fun

I feel obligated to link to this fantastic site, ShamSports.com, which has a legendary series of columns called “Where are They Now?” This may be old news but I discovered this one recently and have been trying to slowly make my way through ever since. Each entry contains several guys you likely have never heard of, but also contains several novelty players, including Todd Fuller, who took my vote for best entry:

Fuller is now a busy little bee, with a variety of things going on. His number was retired by North Carolina State in 2007, and he sponsors the “Todd Fuller Maths Competition” at a North Carolina high school. He tours the globe participating in voluntary basketball camps, and he serves on the Airport Advisory Committee for Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. (Fuller is a FAA certified pilot in the Charlotte area, so that figures.) He also teaches applied mathematics at Charlotte Christian School. Here’s his phone number.

Check it out.

Ford’s Latest Mock

A Rube Chat poster has been gracious to supply this “premium” content for the rest of us out there. I’m not a fan of the latest development in the slightest.




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