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From Myles Brown and Russ Bengtson/SLAM Online: SLAM Dictionary When you just can’t find the right word…
Kahndescending-adj.: Patronizing defense of a questionable plan.
From Phil Jasner/Philadelphia Daily News: With Sixers, Carney excited to be back where he started
He did, however, take an audible deep breath when he was asked about his reaction to the Timberwolves’ declining the final option on his rookie contract. Had the Wolves invoked the option, his salary would have jumped from $1,655,760 to $2,539,936. Instead, his new salary for a player credited with 3 years of service is $855,189.

“It was a big downer,” Carney said. “I thought I showed through my ability what I could bring to a team . . . I guess it worked out for the best, because I’m here. [It wasn’t a good time] for free agents, with the recession and everything.”

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