Wolves Updates 9/27

Glen Taylor, owner of the Wolves, said that the Kevin Garnett trade might have never developed had Garnett not come to Kevin McHale
last spring and asked for a three-year contract extension. But Garnett,
who was being paid $22 million a season, refused the suggestion of
Taylor that KG take a cut in salary, so the decision was made to make the trade. Taylor said that the
Chicago Bulls were interested in Garnett but not at the salary he
-Taylor also revealed that he wanted to replace Dwane Casey as coach earlier than he did, but that Randy Wittman turned him down as a replacement the first time…
-Jimmy Williams, the fomer Gophers assistant, is working with former NBA player and coach John Lucas to try to improve the play of a number of players, including Gerald Green, who came to the Wolves in the Garnett trade. 
The Minnesota Timberwolves announced Wednesday that the team has signed
John Edwards. Edwards, a 7-0 center from Kent State, has NBA experience
with the Indiana Pacers and Atlanta Hawks.
The Wolves, who open training camp Saturday, aren’t ready to admit they’re rebuilding.

"These guys don’t want it to be called rebuilding; these are
young guys who are convinced they’re going to go out there and win
games," McHale said. 

-Kevin Garnett, traded to the Boston Celtics by the Timberwolves, telephoned Wolves coach Randy Wittman just before he left for training camp to wish Wittman good luck.

-Don’t think the Timberwolves are excited about having to go overseas for training camp. 

Henry/TrueHoop with observations on Garnett during an NBA commercial shoot yesterday:
Don’t read too much into this, but Kevin Garnett is pretty darned
stiff. The way he walks is just a little like you might walk if you did
not have knees. And with a little grimace. But let’s be honest, he’s an
NBA veteran, and a lot of NBA veterans walk like that. He’s also as
enthusiastic and playful as ever.
Hoops And Other Pop Culture writes that the real estate listing it posted yesterday did not belong to Garnett.