Wolves versus Suns

Wolves versus Suns

Wednesday, April 6th on NBA League Pass (i.e. not on TV)

What is at stake for the Wolves?

Wolves are 2 games back of Cleveland for the number 1 spot. Clearly they are not going to give them any quarter. The Cavs have the Wizards still on the schedule which means there is still hope to be inverse champs. Presumably Love is still out tonight which means we'll get 20 and 15 from Anthony Randolph instead. 

What is at stake for the Suns?

Nothing. They are now under .500 and are certainly deflated. They've lost 6 of their last 7 against mostly very difficult competition (last two against Chicago and the Spurs). 


This is the last Wolves win of the season.  I don't think they'll lose out the last month of the year. They have to win sometime. The ex-factor to me is Gortat pummeling us for fun. Peko needs to take an early double ejection for the team here.  Sun come out hot but look like they are waiting for the team flight during the 3rd quarter.  

Enjoy it tonight if the you have the LP. Hopefully I can squeeze in the double header of last nights game and tonights via LP Broadband.  


Ridnour, Wes, Beas, Tolliver, Darko

Nash, Hill, Dudley,  Frye, Gortat

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