Wolves @ Warriors 3/13/11

Tonight the Wolves head to Oakland for a rematch against the Warriors. The last time these 2 teams met, Kevin Love had an absurd performance of 37 points and 23 rebounds on 13 shot attempts. It is performances like these that make me baffled as to why anyone would ever want to trade Love. 

The Wolves are coming off of 2 blowout wins against Indy and Utah which should have our confidence high. Oracle arena, however, is a tough venue and the Wolves will have their work cut out for them. Some brief burning questions for a Sunday evening:

1. Can the Wolves ride their momentum and get their 3rd straight, continue their improvement versus last season?

2. Can we contend the perimeter in Oakland this evening?

3. On Friday, Anthony Randolph received 6 minutes due to the blowout situation. How in the world is he going to fit in with the roster? We need to create space for him in a bad way.

4. Rumors surfaced that Rambis was going to be ousted this offseason. Kelvin Sampson is rumored to be a front runner. This sounds like agent-fueled nonsense to me. Numerous players came to Rambis’ defense this morning in the Star Tribune. This seemed odd, but important. Why would the Wolves oust Rambis in favor of this guy in particular? Seems fishy/odd. Then again, this is a Kahn decision we are talking about here…


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