Wolves Weekend Forecast 11.12.10

Friday:  Knicks @ Wolves
AccuScore Prediction:   110-106.6
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Thoughts:  This seems like a match up made in heaven for fun basketball.  If shots are falling both teams will score over 115.   I’m hoping Beasley and Amar’e can put on a put back slam show for us.  

Sunday:  Wolves @ Hawks 
Thoughts:   The no nothing speculators at ESPN and elsewhere would love to talk about a Josh Smith for Kevin Love deal even though the Hawks aren’t about to spend a mountain of money on J. Johnson only to undercut the core of the team immediately.  

So someone needs to bring me up to speed.  I thought it was the West Coast road trip we were supposed to fear.  Is the West now friendly confines and the beasts are in the East?   Hopefully our competitive run extends 3 and 4 games this weekend.  

Season Timeline 
Early Preseaon: Beasley, Wes and Webster Rule but what is up with Love?  This team might be good.  
Late Preseason:  Wes and Webster are hurt, Beasley is lost, but thank god Love is killing it.   We are screwed.
Week 1:  (1-2)  Thankfully we got a good win against the Bucks, but hold your nose in Memphis.  
Week 2:  (0-4)  Shut it down we are completely screwed.  If Beasley isn’t playing we don’t have NBA level talent.  
Week 3:  (1-1 In-progress) Love Rules, no he sucks (and he is being traded maybe), Beasley rules…  

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