Wolves Weekend Forecast 11.19.10

Lakers coming to the Target Center Edition
Friday:  Lakers @ Timberwolves on MyFox 29  
AccuScore:  112-101

I implore everyone to tune into one of the rare games on broadcast television.  Beasley, Love and the Wolves are at their personal best and the team is at it’s franchise best in the last few years.  PLEASE DON’T LAY AN EGG TONIGHT GUYS!!!!  Plus they get Saturday and Sunday off so they have all the excuse in the World to lay it on the line.   

After I great game you’ll certainly be busting to talk about it… forum

Monday:  Timberwolves @ Thunder on FSN North

Durant and Westbrook versus Beasley and Love it should be another very very  fun game to watch.  

Clippers Game Notes and Locker Room Tour 

[This was taken with a friend’s camera phone.  Pretty amazing.  Courtesy of Courtney Remes.]

A major plus of following a team like the Wolves from the bottom (now) to the top (someday soon I pray) is that the team is putting on the full court press to keep the fans they have still engaged.  A result of this was the team offering me tickets and a tour for the Clippers game.  

I highly recommend using the current downturn to get close seats to the game which previously couldn’t be had reasonably.   The feel you have for defense and the dynamic between the players is very much worth it.  I’d be shocked if you can’t get a steal on tickets out front of the stadium these days. Anyways….

* Telfair seemed like vocal on-court leader of the team.  As I walked by the bench during a break in play he was clapping  and saying  ~”Come on guys we are down by three we got this”.   After fouls he’d be directing people all over and telling them where they should have been.  It was very impressive.  

* You can’t watch Beasley for a minute during pregame, during breaks in play, or really anytime the game isn’t going without realizing what a goofball he is.  

* Regardless of all the media attention on Love, as the game got tight in the last 5 minutes the crowd nervously clamored for the ball to be in Beasley’s hands as soon as the offense slowed down.   He is the guy who was trusted to make plays.  

* Clippers note:  Eric Bledsoe look like a player.  Willie Warren does not.  

* The lockerroom is clearly a child of the 80’s.  The lockers themselves are nice wood and have likely been redone, but the space is still small and cramped for guys that big.  

* Martell was still in the lockerroom as we arrived (start of the 3rd quarter).   He is tall.  

* Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Micheal Beasley and DeAndre Jordan are listed at 6’10”  This is amusing because Jordan has at minimum 2 inches on all those guys.  Darko had an inch on Jordan so seemingly he is listed correctly.  

* The Wolves shower area has hair driers that I would have needed to jump to turn on.  

* Darko passes much better than I expected.  On the flip side the one shot he missed was so horrific he almost needed credit for two.  I also think he might have taken a ball off the rim that still might have gone in (Beasley’s shot).  

* Blake had around 20 points midway through the 2nd quarter.  Not really sure what changed to keep him in the mid-twenties for the game but I’m thankful for it.  

* Wes looked more tentative in person than he does on TV.  His confidence seems shaken right now.   His catch and shoot was good but on defense and with the ball in his hands he looks off.  

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