Wolves Weekend Forecast 11.5.10

Friday:  Hawks @ Timberwolves 

Super fast recap:  Wolves lose to the Hawks tonight 113-103.  Love had a bruuuuttttallll start to this game and shockingly only got 25 minutes as a result.  More on that later.  Brewer, Wes and Telfair all nailed 3’s to keep this one from being a 3rd embarrassment in a row.  

So the Wolves start out the weekend against an undefeated team which leads us into Sunday…

Sunday:  Timberwolves @ Houston Rockets

Thoughts:  Houston has managed to start the season with exclusively agonizing losses.  They’ll be playing the Spurs on Saturday so the Wolves might have a slight chance if Houston wins a draining game.  For symmetries sake I’ll be rooting for the Rockets to be defeated. 

Fans and Media Report a Infestation of Wittmanitis
The team has yet to confirm but we at TwolvesBlog fear the worst.  Either follow the debate in our forum or see for yourself on Sunday.   If you are unfamiliar with this serious malady please familiarize yourself below.  

Coaching via constantly changing lineups based on individual mistakes. 
Oh nooo Kosta Koufos is coming into a 1 point game with 4 minutes left so scoring leader Kevin Love can goes to the bench.  This coach must have Wittmanitis because this makes ZERO sense.  

Symptoms of Wittmanitis are:

1. Players with zero confidence
2. Players who check out for the season on Feb. 1
3. Loses coming in groups of 10 and 15
4. Zero discernible player development. 
5. Sports Fans watching the Minnesota Wild and/or going to bed.

Addendum:  If you see a middle school coach screeching for his players to move the ball after every failed possession that is annoying but likely age appropriate.  If you see an NBA coach do it he should be brought in for testing immediately.  

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