Wolves Weekend Forecast 12.17.2010

This Week In Wolves Basketball


The highlights from this week so far has been the solid returns of Martell (Telly) Webster and Jonny Flynn.  I'll say now that if they aren't starting by next week there will be a petition in the works.  Martell in particular seems on track to play the part he was cast in the off-season.

From Craigslist:

Looking for a basketball player of NBA level talent who can dribble, shoot and defend in a manor which doesn't inspire fans to inquire why his/her team is playing with only 4 men.

As an added bonus so far none of the guys drafted in the vicinity of the pick we traded to get Martell appear have a steep opportunity cost associated their way.

Oh yeah and the team held solid leads and lost games this week.  No need to dwell on that.  

This Weekend In Wolves Basketball

Friday Dec. 17th – Wolves @ Blazers  (FSN North @ 9pm)

Accu-Score Prediction:  108-95 Blazers (a little steep don't you think?)

Thoughts:  This game will be big for Kevin Love.  A lot was made of going back to Portland his rookie year and he subsequently had horrible games.  Then last year he missed both of them.   Time to shine Kevin.  On that note…  Time not to foul and miss foul shots Michael.  Time to start Jonny.  Time not to take more shots than everyone else Corey.   Time to keep doing what you have been but with more minutes Martell (my guess is this means a lot to him too).   Time to continue showing you are better than 10 people who got more All-Star votes at Center than you Darko.  

As a bonus the Blazers are in disarray right now.  So far opposition disarray hasn't been something the Wolves have capitalized on.  Lets change that.

Saturday Dec. 18th – Wolves @ Nuggets (My29 @ 8pn)

Thoughts:  Whoo hoo and broadcast game so everyone who still cares will be watching this bad boy.  It smells that it happens to be the backend of of a very tough back to back.  I just hot no one gets injured against the Blazers.  Speaking of the Nuggets everyone should go watch the highlights of last nights fantastic contest against the Spurs.  Two great NBA games in two days (Celtics-Knicks being the other).  Hold on to your butts NBA fans tonight Wolves/Blazers is going to make it a trifecta of good games.  


– Monster Dunk

– 3 apparent game winners (two for the team that lost the game)

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