Wolves Weekend Forecast

Friday:  Bucks @ Timberwolves at 7pm on FSN

Accuscore Prediction:  Bucks win 103 – 97

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Thoughts:  As a draft Brandon Jennings guy I grimace everytime he rips it up.  I’m hoping for a little friendly back and forth between he and Luke tonight.  That said I think this game is won or lost in containing Bogut.  This team hasn’t been able to contain skilled 7 footers since KG left.  Roy Hibbert likes to prove this by scoring double is average each time he comes to town.

Saturday:  Timberwolves @ Grizzlies at 7pm on NBA Free Season Pass

Accuscore:  Grizzlies win 106-102

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Thoughts:  The games against the Grizz are fun because we’ve been drafting at the top with them for years so most of their guys are players who could be Wolves.  A major contingent of Wolves fans have especially wanted OJ Mayo and Rudy Gay at times.  If Rudy Gays shot is falling the Wolves will have a hard time containing him.  I’m wondering if we’ll see a little more of Corey Brewer this game so he can run around with him.

The Wolves really need to think about having a win before they head down to Miami.  While both the Bucks and Grizz are better than them neither are going to be consistent performers who can’t be beaten on an off night.

UPDATE: Michael Beasley ($6.2M), Kevin Love ($4.6M), Jonny Flynn ($3.4M), Kosta Koufos ($2.2M) and Wayne Ellington ($1.15M) all had their options picked up.  Koufos is the only minor surprise there.  Corey Brewer did not work out an extension with the team and will be a restricted free agent next summer ($4.97M tender).


Signing info per Star Trib and Salary info per ShamSports.


Game 1:

While rewatching this game a few things struck me that I didn’t really soak in during the live broadcast.  First off Kevin Love was a mess during the 3rd quarter.  Except for one pretty looking 3 he was turning the ball over on short interior passes, missing 3 foot lay-ins or getting left holding Luther Head’s lunch.  As much as I lamented his 4th quarter on the bench I can halfway see it given that disaster.  I’ll excuse Kurt this once I guess.

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Wes Johnson… wow.  He didn’t have a the ball a ton but when he did he was making sweet plays.  If I was coming to that game not knowing a thing about the past of this team I’d have thought he was veteran wing who should be playing 37 mpg.  I understand his hammy needs to get better, but I’m feeling really good about him right now.

Steve Nash, is that you – me

Yes.  Yes it is.  Tell anyone and I’ll kill ya. Soccer rules. – Luke Ridnour

[That is Luke’s old face]

Lastly I was tearing my hair out watching EVERYTHING go Carl Landry’s way.  Wolves block a shot, he gets it (x3).  Freaky long rebound, he gets it.  He misses a well defended shot with Beasley breathing on him but not touching him, he goes to the line (atleast x3).

[I preferred it before Francisco took Carl’s soul out of his head as leverage to get him into a Kings uniform]


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