Wolves Working on Rambis Buyout?

Is the End of the Bermuda Triangle upon us?

Leave it to Little Birdies to provide the first hint or lick of Rambis news in weeks. While it is only one sentence from Shooter Walters that should be taken with an Oliver Miller-sized portion of salt, it is at least something. And it’s great news for the 87.5% of Wolves fandom (7 of 8 people) who would like to see a changing in the guard on the sidelines:

 A little birdie says the Timberwolves are negotiating a buyout on the remaining two years of coach Kurt Rambis’ contract. 

This is encouraging, to say the last. But who would replace Rhombus? There are likely going to be several much more attractive coaching jobs opening up this offseason, and the Wolves will surely be left out to dry if Rambis gets canned. And will Taylor break the bank and make a major investment in a high priced replacement? History says absolutely not. Despite the candidacy implications (or lack thereof), can it get much worse than Rambis? 32 wins in two seasons would say no. Personally, I am inclined to try a young, energetic rising assistant in the Dwayne Casey mold. A workhorse who knows his players and builds an offense around what they do well.

Or Rick Adelman, but he probably would cost far too much.

Either way it is maddening this process once again is taking forever. Who knows how long this will take or if it will be done before draft day. 

This could be a significant month for us. With the draft lottery weeks away, a potential new coach in the works, and the Rubio saga finally perhaps reaching its conclusion, this could all turn out very good, or very bad. Stay tuned.




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