Wolves/Bulls Preview 3/30/11

Egads! Another Eastern Conference powerhouse to deal with tonight! And an angry one, as well, coming off a loss against the Sixers. Former Wolves assistant and non-Wolves head coach hiree Tom Thibodeau is probably ready for vengeance. maybe not. Some brief thoughts, per usual:

1. Is Derrick Rose not shockingly underrated? The guy has lead his team to the 2nd best record in the NBA! Very quietly as well, amidst the Heat and Melo drama. This guy deserves the MVP award, and I think he will get it, along with the recognition he deserves.

LeBron does not. Speaking of LeBron, this guy just keeps getting worse and worse, skipping player-intros in Cleveland for alleged urinary reasons (BS), and just continuing to be an all-out clown. I’m happy for Cleveland after last night.

2. Don’t expect the Wolves to win tonight or Friday, they are in full-out tank mode now resting Kevin Love for penile reasons. He may play tonight it seems.

3. A spirited forum discussion generated the other day on why Duke, such a college powerhouse, has only really produced 1 superstar player (Grant Hill early on). Surely guys like Boozer, Brand and others have made impacts, but 1 star. As the draft approaches, does this concern you with Kyrie Irving as a potential Wolves draft pick? Furthermore, how odd is it the # of former Dukie NBA careers that have been cut short by injury? Hurley, J Williams, Hill, Boozer to an extent, Brand, Maggette. There are others. Is a curse afoot?



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