Kevin Garnett’s incredible TNT interview during the 2005 All-Star Break revealed a side that most of his fans had never seen.  It was a side of him that made us more proud than ever before to call him our hero.  After watching the leader of our team break down in tears over the state of the franchise, I had to do my small part to let KG know how much he means to this team and how deep my respect is for him.  To this day, I don’t know if Kevin has ever read this letter, but I know that many of his fans have. And if nothing else, it’s stood as a testament to the character of this team’s leader and the love that his fans have for him.  “My Letter to Kevin Garnett” is #3 of my Top 10 favorite Wolves articles.

[image] kevin garnett head in hands
Kevin Garnett brought me to my feet so many times.
I just couldn’t let him stay down. [image2]


It’s me, “One Shot”, DeROK.  I don’t know if you remember the day we met or not.  I know you meet new people every day and there’s no reason for me to think I really stuck out.  It was back in the summer of 2003, the day you shot an Adidas commercial with T-Mac and Duncan at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ.  I waited outside, not knowing if I’d get to see you, or if you’d even pay attention to me.  But it just so happens that I did get to see you, and you did pay attention.  I’ll never forget it.  It’s not every day you get to meet your hero.  The last words I said to you as you walked away was “Hey Kevin, we’re getting a championship this year!”  You turned, smiled, and said “We’ll see.  Hopefully.”

We didn’t get a championship last season, but the Wolves deserved one.  We all know deep within us that we were one healthy point guard short of holding that trophy in the air last year.  I guess it just wasn’t in the cards.  But knowing how close we came, and how good it felt to finally succeed after years of heartache, I’m sure that you, just like every loyal Minnesota fan out there thought that this would be the year.  “Our Team.  Our Time.” Right?  So it was a bit surreal for me to sit in front of the television yesterday afternoon and watch your 1 on 1 interview on TNT.  You should have been sky high telling John Thompson how amazing it felt to have the best record in the league.  Instead, I saw a side of you that I had never seen before.  It’s a side I never should have had to see.  But it was a side that made me have more respect for you than any other athlete in the world.  And that’s why I’m writing this…

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