Are you looking to lower your handicap? We have three simple tips here that will get you out swinging better in no time. From your short game to your fitness we have what you are looking for here. 

1. Fitness

If your golf game is struggling the first people look to fix is their mechanics. The way they are standing, feet are planted or how they are following through with their swing. When in reality what can really be the bigger issue is tight or weak muscles. 

Strength and flexibility cannot be overlooked when you are trying to improve your golf game. There are a number of exercises that can be done, but we recommend focusing on your core and balancing out the body. Golf is known for its repetition, swinging constantly from one side of the body can create an imbalance in the body. A strong core can help center and balance your body and swing. 

2. Putter

Don’t neglect your short game. The putt is such an important part of your golf game, yet is often overlooked. To help you master your putting skills don’t underestimate the importance of a good putter. Not all putters are created equal. The premium putters from CAG golf are outstanding. With their milled sweet spot, each putter has engineered precision with a lateral groove design that promotes a forward roll on impact. With the geometric profile and balance of the face, each putter offers stability through each stroke. 

They have two options — a mallet or blade. Each with different weight distribution and design. Making it more properly suited for how you use the putter. They have engineered the putter to distribute the weight away from the face and around the perimeter to create an increased level of forgiveness and balance. This helps the ball to go exactly where you aim it. Which is perfect for beginners and experts alike. 

All you have to do is choose between the blade or the mallet. The blade putter has a much different shape than a mallet. It’s smaller and the weight is distributed more to the toe of the putter. The shaft is connected closer to the heel of the blade or near the center. Get your hands on one of these putters and you’re on your way to fewer strokes.

3. Repetition 

Last but not least repetition. You got your fitness in check, a new club in your hand now it’s practice, practice, practice. The old saying goes — practice makes perfect. We like to say “practice makes permanent” so once you get your form locked down — from your grip to your posture, alignment and swing — it’s a matter of getting your body to remember the feel.  Repetition is the key to muscle memory. When you are just beginning it is important before each swing to stop and check all these areas to insure a more consistent swing. 

So get out there and get swinging. With these three things, you are on your way to a better golf game. And a much more enjoyable day on the green. Remember to keep hydrated and have fun.