T-Wolves at Blazers Live Chat Game Thread 3/3

Portland is a tough place to play, and they usually have our number.  Can we reverse that trend tonight?  And will LaMarcus dominate K-Love like he usually does?  Tune in to find out! Click the comment button below to come join us all in the Live Chat Game Thread for tonight’s game! Come join us […]

T-Wolves at Suns Live Chat Game Thread 3/1

Finally, the last game of a tough back to back to back. We started off strong beating the Clippers Tuesday night, but then got demolished by the Lakers in a brutal game last night. Is K-Love going to play tonight against the Suns?  Who knows.  If not, we need a strong bench, and much better […]

Leap Year T-Wolves vs. Lakers Live Chat Game Thread 2/29

The second game of a tough back to back to back. We started off strong beating the Clippers last night, and we don’t have to travel anywhere for this game.  I really like our chances here, and I really love them if Kobe misses the game as rumored (thanks D-Wade!) Can Beasley and Williams come […]

T-Wolves vs. Jazz Live Chat Game Thread 2/22

The Big Alcoholic comes back to town tonight to extract revenge once again.  It seems like he typically does well against us, and unfortunatley it also sounds like The Peksecutioner will miss the game for precautionary reasons. So look for a big game from Big Alco.  Who’s going to stop him, Brad Miller? (Who :gasp: […]

T-Wolves vs. Magic Live Chat Game Discussion 2/13

  Can the Wolves bounce back from two consecutive horrendous weekend losses, and defeat a pretty good Orlando Magic team?  Any squad with Dwight Howard is going to present a formidable challenge, regardless of who his teammates are.  I don’t think the Wolves have ever had an answer for Dwight Howard in all the years […]

T-Wolves vs. Grizzlies Live Chat Game Discussion 2/8

Due to popular demand from our TWolves Blog Forum members, once again here is the Live Chat Game Thread for Wednesday night’s back-to-back game in Memphis, vs the Grizzlies. Don’t look now, but we CURRENTLY HAVE A BETTER RECORD THAN THE GRIZZLIES!  And we are actually ABOVE .500.  Holy friggen crap, who would have ever […]

T-Wolves vs. Kings Live Chat Game Discussion 2/7

Due to popular demand from our TWolves Blog Forum members, once again here is the Game Thread for Tuesday night’s game at Target Center.  Can we defeat the 8-15 Sacramento Kings, without Kevin Love suiting up for the Wolves?  I have a scary feeling that DeMarcus Cousins and/or Jason Thompson run wild on us.  Hopefully […]

Wolves vs. Rockets Live Chat Game Discussion 2/4

Due to popular demand from our TWolves Blog Forum members, we’ll try to get Live Chat Game Threads up here on the front page of TWB from now on.  Here’s the first one, for tomorrow night’s game vs the 13-10 Rockets at Target Center. Can we pull it off?  Coming off the epicly clutch thriller […]

Get Your T-Wolves vs Miami cHeat Tickets Here!

After last night’s great showdown with the always entertaining OKC Thunder, the T-Wolves next home game could be another epic clash. We (already!) play the Miami cHeat, in what is shaping up to be a pretty brutal opening schedule in this compressed season.  Luckily we’ll have a few days off after tonight’s game, before having […]

Kevin Love Turns Down the Turkish club Besiktas

As most of you probably saw, it had been rumored a few days ago that K-Love could soon be playing in the Turkish Basketball League on a team with Luol Deng and Deron Williams, during this never-ending and absurd NBA lockout.  It was definitely a legit rumor from Adrian Woj of Yahoo Sports, but it […]

NBA Lockout Discussion Forum

Unfortunately for anyone that still cares about the NBA, it doesn’t look like the Lockout will be ending anytime soon.  In fact, it’s quite possible that we’ll miss the entire season.  Things have deteriorated so badly that it’s looking more and more likely that the collective idiocy of the Owners and Players will squander the […]

Solving the NBA Lockout, Duh.

I’m no genius, but it seems simple enough to me.  Give the Players 51% of ALL Total Revenues.  Then after that, figure out the new contract lengths, max salary amounts, Luxury Tax, revenue sharing amongst teams, etc etc etc. With 51% of all revenues, the Players feel like they “won” the negotiations, and can tell […]

Rick Adelman’s Real Press Conference

65 year old Rick Adelman was introduced today, as the 11th coach in the 22 year history of the Minnesota Timberwolves organization. With his big money, four year $20 million contract, he should easily eclipse the two year average per Minnesota Timberwolves Head Coach (epic fail.)  At least we (presumably) have a coach who knows […]