“Everybody I know who’s gotten divorced has had it happen in October. What is it about October?” “I don’t know. Pressure of Halloween? You never know what to go as.” – “My Blue Heaven” 1990 What is it about October? Ask Ryan Phillipe and Reese Witherspoon, cause I’m sure they have a clue.
[ad2] As soon as Reese won that best actress award, I made the prediction that her and Ryan were going to split within two years.  That academy award meant that the two were no longer on the same playing field.  Reese now had Julia Roberts/Jennifer Anistion/Angelina Jolie popularity potential, and Ryan was basically trying to stay ahead of the Backstreet Boys in the polls. 

Well, two years was being very generous as it only took a matter of months before the pressures of success took their toll on Ryan and Reese.  But besides the fact that another couple fell victim to the “pressure of Halloween” on October 30th, what does this celeb-breakup have anything to do with this Timberwolves blog today?

Simply: I’m feeling like I’m on a prediction hot streak right now.  So I’d like to take a moment and say that I’m calling for a Timberwolves championship in 2007.  Granted, predicting a celebrity breakup is like predicting there will be snow in Minnesota in January, but I’ll give it a try anyway. 

Just remember this post in June if the Wolves win it all.  Or completely forget about it if they don’t.