Hey guys,

As most of you know, after the big Bloguin migration to the new platform, we tried setting things up with a native forum solution that integrated seamlessly with the platform.  The prior version of the forums had grown old and out of date and just wasn’t a salvageable option long-term.  However, the native solution, while fast, easy, and clean, was a bit too simple.  I attempted to beef up the offerings with some plugins for the forum, but they only resulted in either bringing the forum load to a crawl or breaking it altogether.  It became clear pretty quickly that the new forum just wasn’t going to cut it.  As the forum is really the lifeblood of this site, we knew that we needed to find another way to make things right.  After doing some digging around, I was able to find this NEW new forum solution that I think will work a lot better.

Registration is now extremely straight forward.

We can quote and reply easily.

You can add photos/videos easily.

It loads really, really quickly and seems pretty easy to use.

The new URL is forum.twolvesblog.com if you care to bookmark it.  It will still be accessible from the main site menu, as always.


Happy posting!