Nelly to Minnesota: It’s Getting Hot in Hurrrr…?

This just in:  Nelly wants to join the Wolves? No, not that Nelly.  THIS Nelly: Please click “Read More” to see what this all means… Yes, that’s right… THE Don Nelson, the chubby belly scratching one, the one who’s really good at coaching up-tempo basketball, THAT Nelly wants to come to Minnesota… But wait; WHAT […]

Wolves vs Suns Recrap 3.16.10

I’m pretty sure this is the most points the Wolves have ever given up in a NBA game.  But I’m too lazy to look it up because I don’t care.  The Wolves don’t care about being a legitimate (or even average) NBA organization, so why should I care about fact-checking on their behalf? We are […]

David Kahn says “No!” about Rubio

Statement from David Kahn: “Based on the information I have attained today, no team in any league has reached a deal with DKV Joventut concerning Ricky’s buyout, which must be accomplished before Ricky is released from his contract with DKV Joventut.”