Thoughts on Coach Flip & General Ramblings

Well, this offseason has been an awful lot of … “exactly-what-we-expecteds”: 1. The Twolves didn’t manage to improve in their lottery luck. 2. Kevin Love has voiced his desire to no longer be a Timberwolf 3. Flip has hired himself. Now, I have to say, this makes some sense. While I’m not thrilled with this […]

My Twolves Big Board

Now that the draft lottery has gone … the only way we really could have expected it to … and Kevin Love has said …. what we had to expect him to … it’s time I share my in depth thoughts about this years NBA draft prospects. But first: Some Questions that have to be […]

RANTING on the Twolves & Love Lost

In the wake of Kevin Love saying exactly what we expected him to say, my first thought was… Okay finally, now we can move on. Through all of this K-love drama since the days of the Woj interview, I tried to downplay the “Kevin want’s out” rumors. The assertion of the franchise has always been […]

What Went Wrong & What Now

40 wins. Some were blow-outs, a few were nail biters, and nearly none of them seemed certain.    42 losses. Most were agonizing, many were demoralizing, and some were embarrassing. 10th in the Western Conference. Two spots out of the party that is the NBA playoffs. So close but, oh so far.    Woof. Sad […]

Looking Forward Once Again

I admit the second half of this Wolves season has been a major disappointment. The team didn’t come together. Ronnie and Chase came back but they didn’t have the impact I imagined. Ronnie has played great when he is healthy and Chase even showed promise before his latest injury. Injuries to Nikola Pekovic and Kevin […]

Beginning the Second Act: Pack of Hungry Wolves or Stray Dogs?

  On December 27th in the star tribune Kevin Martin is quoted saying that the season actually starts after Christmas. Kevin Love mentioned how the wolves need to get back to their winning ways. For me, these quotes are tough to hear. What winning ways? A 13-15 record is not awful, but if the season […]


As the Wolves await the tip late this evening with the L.A. Lakers, it's baffling to look at the league standings and see that Toronto holds the eighth seed in the east with a winning percentage under 40%, while these struggling LA Lakers, coming in with a winning percentage of .480 would be slotted in […]

Motor City Night Class

  So here we go for round two of the report card. Night class was in session today in Detroit.  To recap a game that wasn’t recapped here on, the Wolves stank against Miami. In an unfortunately fitting way, the wolves followed my “Fire & Ice” post, by performing at their iciest ever. Of […]

Fire & Ice: a 2013 Timberwolves Reality

  From the bone chilling cold of a Minneapolis Winter day to the heat of a Mexico City arena fire, the 2013 Timberwolves have experienced extremes with relation to temperature. But not only have they experienced this in a physical sense. Truth is, this years Twolves team is a "fire and ice" team. An exaggeration […]