Garnett’s return sparks carnival atmosphere One thing is for sure, Kevin Garnett is back in Minnesota and the Timberwolves fans are happy about it. Almost eight years after leaving Minnesota and moving to the Boston Celtics, Garnett took his career full circle by re-signing with the Timberwolves from the Brooklyn Nets on trade deadline day. If there had been […]

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Best Potential NBA Trade Deadline Deals

While there has been a lot of business done during this year’s NBA trade window, there are still plenty of basketball fans looking forward to a flurry of activity in the run-up to the February 19 deadline. It might be unlikely that any deals done before the deadline will go on and have a massive impact […]


Historic Williams Shocks the World

It’s fair to say not many Minnesota Timberwolves fans expected too much before their team’s clash against the Indiana Pacers. On the back of a 15-game losing streak, it wasn’t just many of the basketball odds that believed the Pacers would make it 16 games without a win. But that was before Mo Williams turned into […]


Flip Saunders’ Illness A Blessing In Disguise

It was the same sombre tune for the Minnesota Timberwolves as they lost to the Denver Nuggets but the mournful conductor was missing for the team’s 12th successive defeat. Timberwolves manager Flip Saunders, who was apparently struck down by a fever, was not present and it was instead Minnesota legend Sam Mitchell who stepped in. Sadly, […]

Slam Funk Scratch Card Review

Right now, basketball fans are awash with excitement over the competition taking place on the court. If you’re a basketball fan, then you might want to try your hand at a basketball themed scratch card game known as Slam Funk. Designed by Microgaming, this card game blends basketball and a disco theme to create this […]

Kahn making another play for Pau

  According to ESPN and a number of sources Kahn offered the Lakers a package built around Derrick Williams and Pekovic for Pau. Since he joined the Lakers you could make a case that the Lakers go as Pau goes, and since last years playoffs it's been very mediocre fare for both. Why would the […]

11/27/12 Wolves @ Kings

  Things are in disarray.  How long they will stay that way is the question weighing on everyone's mind.  After Saturday's loss to Golden State multiple Timberwolf players stated that one win is all they needed.  One win to begin a positive streak and one win to steady the ship.  In the NBA it's all […]

11/23/12 Wolves @ Blazers

  Steve McPherson of A Wolf Among Wolves reminded everyone on Twitter this morning that while we reel from the recent loss to the Nuggets, last year fans were celebrating .500 like it was 1999.  That’s the amazing thing about basketball, as quickly as momentums shift in a game so do our expectations and feelings […]

11/12/2012 – Injury report

Put this team in the witness protection program, it isn't safe for them to be playing basketball.  Love – Dead Rubio – Dead Budinger – Dead (Out a couple months with knee surgery this week,

11/7/12 Wolves/Magic

If the Timberwolves win tonight it will be the best record through four games since 2000-01 when they went 6-0.  A 3-1 start to this season would not only be historic but a great boost of confidence for this squad after one week of play.  Let's look at some of the X-factors for tonight's match […]

Love’s Injury Speaks Volumes

  Here we all are looking at one of the glass half whatever moments.  Depending on what you’ve read, heard and seen on the Internet and beyond this past week, the Timberwolves are either facing utter disaster or a simple setback as a result of Kevin Love’s injury.  But no matter which –ist you claim […]

NBA Preview: Pacific Division Links

The Pacific Division went through some major shake ups this offseason.  Below you can find the best insight and speculation for the new look Lakers, Clippers, Warriors, Kings and Suns. Golden State Warriors: Golden State of Mind Los Angeles Clippers: Clips Nation | Gunnerz! Los Angeles Lakers: Silver Screen and Roll | Hardwood Hype Phoenix […]



Editor’s Note: Recently TwolvesBlog invited the TimberTrolls to become members of our writing staff. The TimberTrolls are primary Spanish-speaking so pardon the language barrier! We welcome their pictures, .gifs and videos with open arms and hope you enjoy their posts throughout the season and beyond. Before the season kicks into gear, they will post some […]

TWB Summer Roundtable

After a crazy summer that turned our cute “puppies” into an instant playoff team, we decided to ask our TWB writers what they thought about the offseason. 1.) Is this the most anticipated season in Timberwolves history? Mike Reynolds: I think at least in the last 8-9 years. The Cassel/Sprewell year takes the cake for […]