Pek shot chart

Rubio, Pek, Bench Struggling to Find Early Rhythm

As many of you are well aware, the Wolves' bench has fallen surprisingly flat to start the year. Like any current Wolves information, it has been covered ad nauseam at just about every Wolves-related touch point on the internet. In each of the past few contests, the starters have been forced to overextend themselves, playing […]

3-0 Feels Good: 11/4/13 Wolves/Cavs.

Game 4 is at 6PM this evening. The first back to back test of the year against a potentially sneaky good Cavaliers team.  A few thoughts: The Bench Must Rise. Last night we saw three starters log 40 minutes: Love, Rubio and Pekovic, with Martin also logging 35. As much as this 3-0 start has […]


Wolves Tip off 2013-2014 Season Tonight!

Doesn't this offseason feel like it has taken an eternity to pass? Last year we at least had Olympic hoops to hold us over for a few weeks in August. This year, we have had to pretend to enjoy baseball for far too long. The Vikings have been an abysmal cesspool of ineptitude, which has […]


’13-’14 Pre-Season (Over)reactions to Date

Rather than post a series of individual overreactions after each pre-season game thus far, I thought it would make sense to take what we have learned in the first few games and write up one larger-scale overreaction. And of course, what better way to add to the theme of generalities and summarizing than through use […]


TWolvesBlog 2013 Offseason Roundup

  Over in our forums, the offseason grading has begun. How are we feeling about the flurry of moves that occurred over the last week? I would say the tone in the forums here is generally negative, for various reasons. Most seem to have particular gripes with contract terms and defensive voids. Let’s check in […]


Wolves Trade for Muhammad, Dieng in 2013 Draft

As dozens of others have said, the 2013 draft was perhaps the craziest draft on record. The "loose" consensus #1 pick was defensive wizard Nerlens Noel, with 3 point specialist Ben McLemore widely believed to be the #2 pick. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope was supposed to go #9 to the Wolves, and little fanfare would ensue. Well, […]


2013 Wolves Draft Day Babble

  FINALLY! One of the best days of the year. How can you not absolutely love it? A saturation of roster moves, new faces and players, and Flip Saunders will make his first player acquisitions as President of Basketball Operations. I can't wait. For better of worse. My colleague TCSnyder and I have been fired […]

Draft Lotto

2013 Wolves Lotto Mock Draft Contest

  It's that time again! Put on your draft caps, make some predictions, guess right, and win a Timberwolves Prize Pack for your efforts. All you have to do is predict the top 14 selections in the NBA draft. The winner will recieve a Timberwolves prize pack, chock full of surprises and goodies. What will […]


Trade Up From #9? Unlikely

On Tuesday evening, the Wolves solidified the inevitable and secured the 9th pick in the draft. As lottery non-winners for the 15th-ish time, this likely came as no surprise to a team that had roughly a 95% chance to not move up. The Cavs won pick #1 again. Life goes on. The only real solace […]

Report: David Kahn Out as Wolves GM Thanks to @DoubleDrivel for sending this fitting tribute. Steve Aschburner reported first. I think. Still awaiting formal confirmation. This could still all be some kind of sick joke. Who knows at this point. But all signs report to Kahn being ousted as Wolves GM (or, his contract not being renewed), with Flip Saunders signing […]

2012-2013 Season Wrap-up

31-51. Think about that relative to the stink of a team that meandered onto the court in 2009. More than twice the wins. It still boggles the mind how we all followed a team that won at half of the rate as this season's Wolves. Considering how difficult it was to remain interested in the […]


3/29/13 Wolves/Thunder

  Rubio, after being mauled by Kobe Bryant on a non-call that would have netted JJ Barea a 30-game suspension if the roles were reversed   Too bad so sad. It is becoming increasingly difficult to exhibit anything but the highest degrees of apathy towards this team right now. About the only thing worthwhile remains […]

3/6/13 Wolves/Wizards

Well team, we apologize for the lack of game previews and content. Like you may expect, it is exceedingly difficult to spend time writing original, non-repetitive content about meaningless games when guys continue to sit out long stretches of games. Perhaps this season will become at least slightly interesting when Love and Chase are back […]

Wolves Let Trade Deadline Pass, Make No Moves

Today marks 2nd trade deadline in a row in which Kahn was silent. However, if you observed the kinds of deals that were made, it might become clearer that this wasn't the time where the Wolves were going to make some noise. Disappointing? Sure, of course. The season is over, basically. Whenever Kahn fails to […]


Wolves/Philly and Fun With Trades

The All-Star break has come and gone. We learned Alexey Shved is a quiet leaper who can throw down Shawn Kemp-esque in-game dunks (reverse alley-oops, anyone?) and Ricky continues to be awesome. Tonight the Wolves awkwardly resume their season against Philadelphia in what is a very winnable game. However, at this point, do we want […]