What can I say? I’m absolutely devastated at the loss of Kevin Garnett. No amount of draft picks, “potential”, or even NBA Championships will ever make up for what Wolves fans just lost. Kevin Garnett was the Minnesota Timberwolves. Now that he’s gone, our franchise has lost its identity. Where the Wolves go from here, I have no idea. But I do know that our franchise has just seen its second darkest day. Only the death of Malik Sealy has hurt more.

[ad2] The eternal optimist inside of me wants to tout the virtues of Al Jefferson and the rest of the new Timberwolves, but all I can think about is the empty space that Garnett has left.  Maybe in a day or two I’ll be ready for the rebuilding era, but right now I could care less about the 2010 NBA playoffs.  We just traded Kevin Garnett.

We just traded Kevin Garnett…

Those words still haven’t fully sunk in.  I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that the next time I watch a Wolves game, Kevin Garnett will be nowhere to be found.  And he never will, except for those two games a year where he’s dressed in green.  Hopefully, what I’m about to offer will help myself and my fellow fans come to grips with all of this. 

I had a feeling this day would soon be coming, so I’ve been piecing together my Kevin Garnett tribute video.  It’s nothing flashy like my usual ones – just an overview of his career and some brief words about what he’s meant to us.  I’m sorry if it’s overly cheesy.  I tried to find a “cooler” song, but nothing else seemed to work.  There just wasn’t a song with better words or that fit the mood more appropriately.  I figured if the WWF used this song as their farewell tribute to Mick Foley, it couldn’t be too lame.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy taking a look back at all the Kevin has done for the Wolves throughout the years. 

Also, I thought this would be an appropriate time to highlight the “Top 5 KG Moments” from this past April.  I’ve got to say, after reading these through this all hurts “that much more”.  But at least these moments can never be taken away from us.

KG Moment #5 – 20 Points, 18 Rebounds, 12 Stitches

KG Moment #4 – The All-Star of All-Stars

KG Moment #3 – “I’m Losing”

KG Moment #2 – “This is For You!” (Combined post with #3)

KG Moment #1 – Game. Seven. 

Kevin, what can we say that would even scratch the surface of what you’ve meant to us these past twelve seasons?  Just know that you’re in our hearts, in our prayers, and we will always, always be behind you 100%.   When you raise that trophy into the air there will be the same tears in our eyes had you been raising it in Minnesota.  You are and will always be our “Franchise”, our “Big Ticket”, our “MVP”.

And we will never, ne-ever forget you. 

Kevin Garnett Tribute Movie