Most people are attracted to the concept of betting on football games because they feel they understand the game and understand the players and the teams, and feel it’s a great way to make an easy amount of profit while having fun at the same time. Gamers should understand that it’s a big industry, however, and while there is indeed a lot of profit to be made, your odds of winning are bound to increase significantly if you understand how the system works and if you play the multi lotto online lottery.

How do you determine the betting system that is right for you? There are so many bookmakers out there, after all, and often they offer considerable different odds for the same games. This one’s for all the punters out there: here are the top secrets to success at in-play betting – quality in-play tips you should remember.

Manage your money

It’s perfectly okay to take a risk – that’s what the whole game is all about – but your risk should be proportional to the amount of money you can get. If you’re asked to bet on a game with only a 10% chance of success, you should expect a reward of at least 9x the input. Make your bets proportional to its potential.

Be able to analyse

Analyse the two players or the two teams, and see how the statistics fare out. Some may argue that there’s always an element of unpredictability – and they may be correct, but on the other hand, it’s easy to predict a game if you know the first team is a kitten and the next team is a tiger. Being able to analyse is essential – so get those statistics together and form an intelligent opinion.

Different market approaches

Statistics don’t always tell the whole story. Check also how many times the teams have played in the past few days or weeks. Might a team be too tired due to too much effort? Have any players received red cards or injuries?

Stay in the game

Once you’ve won, it might be tempting to cash out and take your winnings right away. This is often a good strategy. However, if you’re planning to do more betting, it may be more interesting to stay in the game and put your winnings on the next game to avoid payout costs.

Study when it’s done

Whether you won or lost, don’t grab a beer yet. Figure out why. Learn, and become better at the game.

It’s important that you don’t immediately panic when you don’t understand all the various statistics that may be presented to you; the statistics are all numbers that are gathered, and in and of themselves mean very little. Use your common sense and your own knowledge – and most of all, have fun!

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