Last year was pretty tough for the Timberwolves. We saw them win a measly 25 games and then not do much other than that. This year, we might be expecting something that might be a little better than that. Actually, there are a whole lot of people and websites predicting that the team might even make into the playoffs this year. Some websites like have already started creating games and predictions that are very favourable to the future of our favourite team. But what are the actual numbers and where are these predictions coming from? Well, let’s have a quick discussion of the performance of the team over the past weekend and what the expectations of the TV personalities and the websites are. 

Analysts predicting not much more than last year

The TV personalities that have gotten around to talking about the TWolves have not had much good to say about the team this year. While they did admit that the team has improved since last year, this does not mean that they will be going a long way at any point. According to these TV personas, the TWolves are likely only going to end up winning 36 games tops, which is not ogin to land them anywhere near the number they need in order to end up in the playoffs. This would be quite a shame and might be supported by the fact that the team had a bit of a terrible weekend. But things may turn on their head at any moment, and the good news might not be as far off as some might think. 

AI predicting a nice set of wins

What gives us the most hope is the fact that the only ones agreeing with the TV personalities are the TV personalities themselves and nobody else. One of the most interesting potential outcomes was brought to us by a bunch of machines and pieces of software that have managed to run a simulation or two, many times, in order to come to the conclusion that the TWolves have a chance for the playoffs this time around. 

One of the pieces of software predicted that the team would be able to make it into the playoffs after landing about 42/43 victories. The conclusion was reached after the software simulated the games around 50000 times, which revealed, after exploring all of the data, that the team was going to make it all the way to the end if they continued playing at a high level. This conclusion is something that a number of other simulation software have confirmed. The thing is these pieces of software run the logic that no players are going to be changing and the roster is going to remain the same throughout the season, which is something that may or may not happen. So, what are the chances that things will go just as predicted by all of them? Not too high, but high enough to be considered reliable by us. 

Playoffs possible

It is good to be sitting and hoping that the outcome of all of this is going to be positive for the TWolves. We have been waiting for a good outcome for a while now. If the playoffs are possible for the team, then the team should be and will be doing whatever they can to get there. Hopefully, the team manages to remain healthy and keeps performing at a high enough level to remain respectable throughout all of the games played by them. There are five teams that the TWolves are going to be winning no matter what, Phoenix, New York, Memphis, Atlanta, Cleveland and Charlotte. Add onto that a few more victories and the TWolves will make it out of the conference into the playoffs and into the stardom that we know they deserve. Let’s keep our fingers crossed yall.