Ping Pong is an opportunity to replenish the mind with excitement, amusement, and happiness. Playing this game requires a sturdy and friendly table. However, most of the enthusiast player doesn’t know the amount they should spend on the table. There are lots of things related to the costing of ping pong or table tennis table. I am here to give a clear idea about how much does a ping pong table cost. 

After all, price matters to buy something. It can be less interesting to use or buy the thing if you don’t know the price. Generally, you need to spend $100-$300 for small size tables. If you want some advanced features in these tables, the range can be $300-$800. If you want a big size ping pong table, the price will be more than $800. 

Here are a couple of things you should know including the size:

Types of Ping Pong Table:

Ping pong tables are of different variations. You should purchase the correct one that fits you perfectly. There are three common types of ping pong table. Depending on the models, the cost differs from each other. 

  • Indoor tables: The size of the ping pong ball is small lightweight. Indoor ping pong tables are most suitable. A slight wind blowing, rainfall in the outdoor can change the route of the ball. These table tennis tables are ideal for home and office recreations. You can fold this table and carry to anywhere easily. Price of these tables ranges from $300 to $700/+.
  • Outdoor tables: These are for spending time in the garden, patio, backyard, etc. The size of these tables can be more significant than indoor tables. The structure of the table is sturdy and designed to act against wind, adverse weather. You can use the outdoor tables longer than indoor ones as they are designed in that way. So, the price is bit higher ($400–$1400).
  • Conversion tops: Many people don’t have furnished garden space or ample space to fit a ping pong table. What will they do? Of course, the conversion top is the best alternative to purchase a full-fledged table. It would be best if you converted it into pro-like table on another plain thing. Then you can play without any hassle. You can call these as the tables having no legs. These are cheaper compared to other types, range from $150-$400.


If you have a particular space out of your home, then pick the outdoor tables. Some of these tables have wheels below the legs. These are lightweight, easy to carry and sturdier to position well. Indoor ping pong tables are useful when you play frequently but love to stay home. Conversion table tops are cheap but no redundancies in pulling them to anywhere, in your room or at the party. The cost of table tennis tables varies depending on portability. 


Adding to the intro, the standard size of a ping pong table is 9-ft long, 5-ft wide, and 2.5-ft high. You can order or buy customized table. You will need to add or subtract money depending on the size. The bigger you buy, the more you need to count.


Table tennis table can get damages If it’s not made of quality materials. You are saving your money buying them, but I am sure you won’t be able to play longtime. These are common materials of ping pong tables: concrete, fiberglass, particleboard, plywood, etc. The smoothness, strength of the schedule depends on the materials. 


A standard table has a diameter of 12-25mm. Lower thickness causes problems to bounce the ball well. However, these are cheaper than thicker ping pong table. The suitable thickness helps you bounce the ball perfectly. This is also a concern when you think how much does a ping pong table cost. 


These above are the reasons for the distinctions of ping pong table cost. When you are about to buy, you need to think about your budget, purpose, materials of table tennis tables. If all the features of a table match your choices, don’t wait to think about the cost. That’s it.