You can find a long list of apps on both Android and iOS that can help you stay organized and prepare before you start your journey. The apps are also useful when you arrive at your destination by providing information on things and places you want to experience on your vacation. There are a wide range of functions that you can perform using these apps including hotel reservation, travel budgeting, booking flight tickets, finding accommodation, using maps on the smartphone and so much more. 

There are a few apps that we have managed to pick for you so that you can get recommendations on different options that can cover different aspects of your journeys:


This can become your favorite way to find cheap flights to your destination. Skyscanner can get you information using their website or the mobile app. The mobile app gets you numerous options by using more than 1200 sources. You can also look at the cheapest days or months that can suit your mood and schedule to fly to your required destination. The good thing about Skyscanner is that you get notified if there is a change in price. 

Hotel Tonight

The app is amazing for people who want to get last-minute discounts on empty hotel rooms. The process of doing so is easy and doesn’t take much time to help you with your room reservation. The app is very easy to use. You can find reviews and photos shared by other travel enthusiasts and a 24/7 customer service in case you need help while you are traveling. 


This is one of the best GPS-guided audio walk apps that can help you get an immersive experience in more than 15 cities worldwide. The audio tour is narrated by a local individual who has prior knowledge of the city. You can enjoy some amazing tours of cities including New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Charleston, Marrakech, Paris, London and many other popular cities that you would like to explore. 

Trail Wallet

This is an amazing and easy to use travel expense tracker that can help you organize your expenses by the trip you went to or the month when you went on your trip. You can set a daily budget and add your expenses. You can simply use your iPhone to add the amount on your Quick screen and you are done and managing your expenses. 


You must have spent a lot of time in the waiting area at the airport and it is one of the most boring things when you are about having fun on your journey. Things might be even more problematic when you are flying on a low budget airline that usually has long layovers and connections. You want to know what adds more to your trouble when you are in a waiting lounge that has dirty seats, a slow Wi-Fi connection, or a connection that is too expensive or bad food. All of this or a part of this might multiply your frustration. Here is where Lounge Buddy comes to the rescue. All you need to do is provide some basic information including your airline status, credit card number, lounge membership information and the app provides you with information about the lounges that you can get access to at any given airport. 


If you have ever got your flight delayed or canceled or if you are denied boarding because of overbooking, this app is going to get through the frustration caused by such unfavorable circumstances. No matter if you are in the US or the EU, both of them have laws that provide compensation. But the negative aspect in both cases is that the process is very complicated and around 1 percent passengers who are entitled to compensation ever get it. AirHelp helps you to simplify the process and takes only a few minutes to get things done for you.  


The app provides users with a lot of functions that you might find in other apps that can help you book your abode when you are traveling. This includes conducting searches, filtering out your preferences, get detailed information on the amenities offered at the premises and other things. What sets the app apart is its capacity to get you a full-screen and interactive map that makes things for you to work with. You can find a hostel that is located somewhere near a landmark that you want to explore while you are staying and have a look at all the reviews regarding the hostel just by tapping your fingers. If you are living somewhere in the US, you might be able to find Spectrum Cable TV services. You can view the latest shows and movies using the Spectrum channel list while you are staying in America. 

Final Thoughts

These are some apps that can help you make your journey interesting, cost-effective and memorable. You can use these apps to help you save time, money and effort and make sure that you get to know the city that you are in and stay safe as well. 

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