Some people may be intimidated when walking into a brick-and-mortar casino for the first time. When looking around at the various games, all the other patrons look like they know what they’re doing, while you’ve never participated in anything similar. This may sometimes be enough to cause a first-timer to become a spectator rather than engage in the action. Many of those worries can be put to rest when visiting an online casino. 

Players can choose any game they like and play for real money without the intimidation and distractions that can sometimes be present at a physical casino. In addition, most of the games available are easier to play than making weekly NFL picks, allowing players to do anything they desire without fear of judgment while having fun playing from the comfort of their couch. For those thinking of trying online gambling for the first time, the following are the easiest activities available for beginners to enjoy.


Roulette is an easy activity to learn with many different bets players can make. There are several variations of this game, the most popular being the American and European versions. American roulette has slightly lower odds of winning by having both a 0 and 00 on the wheel, while the European version only has a single 0.

The different betting choices available will pay out an amount that depends on how difficult it is to win the bet. Players can bet on the wheel landing on a range of numbers, such as 0-12, or try to pick the next winning number, which pays much higher odds. Finding a roulette table that uses French rules that includes “en prison” gives players the highest overall return on investment.  


There isn’t any easier gambling activity online than playing slots. They don’t have as high a return percentage as other casino games but take no strategy to increase the chances of winning. It’s even easier than making NFL predictions, although it may be harder to win. Players don’t need to do anything except deposit money and spin the wheels.  

Some experts recommend playing slots games with a big jackpot, such as progressive slots. These sometimes have huge jackpots that increase each time the player spins. Because the chances of winning are lower than in other casino games, at least when someone does get lucky, they’ll win a big prize. 

Sports Betting

Sports betting online is now one of the easiest activities to do, with no need to go to a physical sportsbook or casino to bet on your favorite team. All players need to do is find a legal online sportsbook and open an account, which takes minutes. 

New players only need to spend a couple of minutes learning how betting lines work and can get started immediately. The main thing new players need to remember with odds is that the favorite is listed with a minus (-) sign and the underdog will show a plus (+) sign in front of the odds for that team.

The most popular and easiest bet in sports is a moneyline wager, in which the bettor needs to pick the outright winner of a game without any spread involved. Winning this bet pays less than other markets like spread and parlay wagers but is much easier to win if you do a little research before placing a bet. 


Keno games are similar to the lottery in that they have a pool of numbers where the player must pick which ones will be drawn. The most common variation of Keno online has 80 numbers to choose from. It may not be as easy as making NFL expert picks, but the more numbers that hit, the higher the payout will be. 

Keno is also not an expensive game, with ticket costs as low as $1. The return percentage on Keno is better than most lottery games but is one of the lowest in the casino at less than 75%. Nevertheless, it’s still an excellent game for beginners and is a cheap way to play for an extended time.