Statista has estimated that the online gambling industry will be worth nearly US$70 million by 2023. With technology advancing at the speed it is, it can be difficult to predict which trends are going to make a long lasting impact and which ones are fly-by-night. Experts seem to agree, however, that there are a few that are likely to leave their mark. 

The Promise of Cryptocurrency

Many online and mobile casinos already accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin and it’s likely that more operators are going to start doing so. Cryptocurrency shows no sign of slowing down in terms of adoption and casino operators are scrambling to stay abreast of global trends.

Anonymity is the main attraction here. Transactions are very difficult to trace which suits players who want to stay incognito perfectly. 

Ever-More Convenient Access

Smartwatches are not simply for tracking your fitness or staying up to date with calls and messages anymore. Renowned online gambling and sports betting software providers like Playtech have started creating slots apps for the Apple Watch with excellent results. 

More Micro Betting

Back in the good old, bad old days, sports bettors focussed on major outcomes when it came to wagering. Which team will win the game? Which athlete will take first place in the tournament? What are the odds on the favourite winning? How many goals will get scored? How long will the game take to complete?

Today’s modern gambler, however, is increasingly fond of placing Micro bets which depend on smaller, in-play events. They could include which player will score the next goal, take the next corner, or who’s most likely to get the next red card. Not to be confused with Prop bets, Micro bets are even more specific than Props and betting fans will start seeing more options in this regard.

Improved Apps on the Horizon

The quality of a real money casino Android app is players’ and bettors’ primary consideration so it makes sense that developers are going to be coming up with ways to make them more enjoyable to use. 

We’re already seeing modular technology being implemented that allows for particular features to be enabled or disabled and improved online visibility makes it possible for you to find exactly what you’re looking for more easily. 

Virtual Reality Gambling

VR gambling takes immersivity to a whole new level! Instead of just logging in to your online casino account from home and playing slots like that or engaging with a Live Dealer while relaxing on your couch, you may soon be able to have the full experience of actually being inside a luxury land-based casino. 

Online gambling will become that much more immersive and interactive for players, since moving around a simulation of a gambling venue is a totally different experience from watching people accomplish game actions on screen and betting using buttons.  

Change Is the Only Constant

The reality of the matter is that, as long as there is a demand, there will be a supply. And as the gambling industry grows ever more competitive, players can expect more and better choices to become available as each year passes.