“We can’t keep depending on our coaches to make decisions. “We’ve got to use our IQs and our basketball knowledge to figure things out and maybe call timeouts and maybe go to a zone.”Kevin Garnett

Look, I don’t claim to be some basketball genius. But I think I know a thing or two about the game, and one of them is this: When your star player feels that he can’t depend on his coach to make simple decsions like calling timeouts and it’s basically up to the players to come up with a strategy because they feel the coach is too incompetent to think up and carry out one on his own, it’s time to fire the coach. 

I have the utmost respect for Dwane Casey as a human being.  I think he’s a wonderful man and I wish him the best in life.  But sometimes you just have to know your limits.  I’m just not cut out for being an NFL quarterback, or a Grammy nominated artist. Hey, I’m not even cut out to be a brain surgeon even though I’m going to be a doctor.  And Dwane Casey just doesn’t appear to be cut out for an NBA head coaching position.  There’s no shame in that.  I know for a fact that he was a terrific assistant and he should take a great amount of pride in that. 

But do we really need to keep trying to force this situation to the point where our team ends up in utter shambles?  Let’s just admit that it’s not working out and move on?  Let’s let Dwane leave with his head held high for an honest try.  I just wasn’t meant to be.  Do we really need to have him go out infamously at the end of a disappointing year as the reason KG left Minnesota? 

Let’s get somebody with a proven track record in here, and see if we can right the ship.  Rick Adelman anyone???