It is unquestionably the biggest game in Timberwolves history: Game 7 versus the Kings in the 2004 playoffs.  Although KG’s performance that night is now a source of legend in the Twin Cities, the days leading up to that game were characterized by many questioning Kevin Garnett’s manhood, toughness, and ability to win. My preview of that career-defining game is #4 of 10 of my favorite Timberwolves articles.

[image] malike sealy and kevin garnett
Kevin Garnett had a career night when the Wolves needed him the most. [image2]

Pat Tillman’s father made the following comment in reference to his son: “A man only has a few times in life when he’s called on to step up and do something, and sometimes you may only have a few seconds to do it. If you don’t do it, you regret it, and I believe that eats away at a man for the rest of his life.”

Game Seven of the 2004 Western Conference Semi-finals is Kevin Garnett’s moment to step up.  When the Timberwolves and Kings walk onto the floor of the Target Center on Wednesday night, they will not simply be playing for the right to engage the Lakers in another series.  They will be determining the legacy of Kevin Garnett.  Forget the game of basketball for a moment.  Forget the Western Conference Finals.  Tomorrow’s game is about so much more than that.  In that span of forty-eight minutes, the spotlight will focus solely on Kevin Garnett.  During those moments, a nation will unjustly put it’s finest athlete on trial.  Throughout his career they have so unreasonably scorned him for his team’s failures.  Yet his undeniable will and dominating performance have forced the masses to take notice and even crown him this season’s “Most Valuable Player”.  They have been required to grudgingly admit that this once lanky teenager destined for failure has blossomed into the most skilled athlete since Michael Jordan strolled the courts of the NBA.  But Americans hate to be wrong.  And as a result, the masses have mercilessly looked for a chink in the armor that would send Garnett tumbling back down to where he came from. 

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